Jury award winners

26th Oslo/Fusion Film Festivals Jury Awards

Best Feature

Women Who Kill by Ingrid Jungermann

For excellent craftsmanship in every aspect of filmmaking, for creating a nuanced first feature which made our hearts swell with excitement for the endless possibilities of queer cinema, for entertaining us with witty writing and humorous portrayals of dimensional characters, and for presenting a thrilling female-driven narrative, we award the Oslo/Fusion Best Feature Film Award to WOMEN WHO KILL, by Ingrid Jungermann.

Honorable mention:

SPA NIGHT by Andrew Ahn - a sensitive coming-of-age story that gives a window to the complexities and pains of discovering one’s queerness within the context of conflicting cultural identities and current economic reality.

Jury members: Aron Kantor, Ana David and Jonas Jølle.

Best Youth Film

Real Boy by Shaleece Haas

The movie gives us insight to several perspectives of being transgender and coming to terms with your own identity. We get to experience issues and thoughts from people going through it, and the people around them. We get to see the valuable support that comes from good friends and a supportive family. We also see the negative impact when those close to you are unable to accept who you truly are, and the strong bond that can be formed when people do understand. The movie deals with several serious issues, but the energy and positivity of the main characters helps us realize that things get better with time. It’s an important subject and one that will help more youth with discovering and understanding themselves. We believe this should not only be seen by as many as possible, but also understood and ideally be part of school curriculum.

Honorable mention:

Arianna by Carlo Lavagna gies us a unique view by showing a personal perspective of what it is like growing up and discovering something isn’t right about your body. It highlights the troubles and confusion that comes with being intersex and having this kept from you.

Jury members: Magnus Sekkelsten, Christer André Gudmundsdottir og Maja Céline Eriksen.


Best Documentary

What He Did by Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Each film in its own way could be considered a "best" documentary. In the end, the jurors were unanimous in selecting What He Did as the best film of this year's Oslo fusion festival. The vulnerability of the main character was very moving, as he attempted to re-integrate with the world from which he had been isolated many years earlier. The storytelling was multi layered and complex, and simultaneously emotionally gripping. It addressed an issue that none of us had been exposed to before, - a gay man who had murdered his longtime partner- and did so with delicacy insight.

Jury member: Chris Belloni, David Weissmann and Atle Hunnes Isaksen.


Best Short Film

A Doll's Eyes by Jonathan Wysocki

We were blown away by one film in particular for its visually stunning execution, but most importantly its personal connection and the emotional content we connect with diving deep into uncharted waters confronting our fear and shame around same-sex desire. 

Honorable mention:

Famous Diamonds by Daniel McIntyre. In making our decision, the film's were judged on cinematic innovation, overall quality, and advancing queer narratives.  There were many wonderful short films in this year's festival and we would like to acknowledge one with an honorable mention in addition to the winner.  Our honorable mention goes to a beautifully crafted experimental short celebrating queer desire.

Jury members: Joshua Grannell, Campbell and Marte Hansen.


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Jury award winners

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The 26th edition of Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival is over and our eminent jury have picked four films from our jammed packed program. Take a look.

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